Childhood Dream comes true!

Lipizani - One of the Beautiful Lipizan Stallions we saw in performance. An incredible military horse now used for showmanship. The model of a pegasus.
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February 28, 2007 4:44pm CST
Since my childhood I have been intrigued by the Lipizan Stallions of Austria. I think I must have been eight years old when I went flipping the pages of my father's encyclopedia set for interesting things to read and came across the story of the Lipizans. The flying horse....the pegasus, and however many childhood fantasies arose from my fondness of these great horses. Then there was that Disney documentary movie called Miracle of the White Stallion, ah, that just caused me to be more in love with this incredible breed. Finally, as an adult I have had the chance to watch the horses perform, I was not disappointed as my children begin a new generation of those inamoured by the Flying Horses of Austria. Have you been able to realize a dream, as an adult, that you had as a child? what was the dream, how was it realized, were you disappointed (was the dream better than the reality) or fulfilled by its coming true?
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28 Feb 07
Lucky you. I've always admired those horses, but have only seen them on TV. I don't think you could be disappointed by a dream like that.