Do You Believe In BLACK MAGIC?!!!

March 1, 2007 4:22am CST
I Have seen many people talking about it and many people say that they believe in it,i have seen many TV shows as well where they speak that black magic exists and some says that its just making people fool Does any one has an experience..Do you believe in black magic?
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@raveemenon (1071)
• India
7 Mar 07
If you need to get a correct answer you need to explain what do you mean by magic and black? I would explain as i undertsood the question.If you meant harming somebody by rituals as black magic . O.K. i beleive in it though i do not subscribe to the principle.But if you mean that all magic are black no you are wrong. the term magic itself is faulty and incompelete. The so called super natural things are achieved by the application of the universal energy . being so the energy is neither bad nor good. we cannot say that atomic energy is bad just because of atom bomb is made out of thoe same. But ships are also run by the same energy. si it is the purpose that determines the good and bad and not the concept. the concept is good and the act need to be good . The intention need to be good for the act to be good.the individual need tobe positive if the intention need to be good so finally it comes back to the person himself.remove the thinking and differentiaition of black and white. If there are good and bad people in the world then there is black and white in the world. and the fact is that we need both for survival since without night there is no day and without evil there is no virtue.
@xParanoiax (6998)
• United States
1 Mar 07
OMG, this has to be the millionth time I've ever said this. There's no such thing as black or white magick. Magick is magick and that's that. It certainly exists, though NOT in the way most people think of it in. You might as well call nature evil, if you call magick evil. Niether of which truly are..they just are what they are. It's what people do with them that matters.