SON OF A Biitch!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA

student - student of today
March 2, 2007 8:10am CST
A little boy was doing his math homework. He said to himself, "Two plus six, that son of a biitch is eight. Three plus four, that son of a biitch is seven...."His mother heard what he was saying and gasped, "What are you doing?"The little boy answered, "I'm doing my math homework, Mom.""And this is how your teacher taught you to do it?" the mother asked."Yes," he answered. Infuriated, the mother asked the teacher the next day, "What are you teaching my son in math?"The teacher replied, "Right now, we are learning addition."The mother asked, "And are you teaching them to say two plus two, that son of a biitch is four?"After the teacher stopped laughing, she answered, "What I taught them was, two plus two, THE SUM OF WHICH, is four."
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• India
7 Mar 07
lol hey that was funny. well how much confusion could be created by what one says and what one hears so that atleast reminds one to be doubly sure if he hears something which is not in expectation
@forjosie (1547)
• Indonesia
7 Mar 07
IT DOESN’T ADD UP A wife was in bed with her lover when she heard her husband's key in the door. "Stay where you are," she said. "He's so drunk he won't even notice you're in bed with me." Sure enough, the husband lurched into bed none the wiser, but a few minutes later, through a drunken haze, he saw six feet sticking out at the end of the bed. He turned to his wife: "Hey, there are six feet in this bed. There should only be four. What's going on?" "Nonsense," said the wife. "You're so drunk you miscounted. Get out of bed and try again. You can see better from over there." The husband climbed out of bed and counted. "One, two, three, four. You're right, you know."
@jhallii (155)
• India
5 Mar 07
good joke,,,,,,kids can say nething knowingly or unknowingly but still excused,,,, hahahha
@lprhll (387)
• Italy
3 Mar 07
thank you that was good
@drakan291 (817)
• Ireland
2 Mar 07
hahahahahahaha Funny lol
@Michele21 (3094)
• United States
2 Mar 07
That is so cute!! Totally something my daughter would get confused with and say!!