Kris Aquino Scandal

March 2, 2007 6:56pm CST
A lot of you guys may not know that the kris aquino - james yap issue is all a make up story. Apparently,Kris just wanted to be talked about is so obviuos during the interview with is sooo pathetic!!!
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@tin112703 (228)
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
Of course, it is!. Like coming on-cam without make-up (but everything on cue)? It must all be made up. Even then, I feel bad about the whole thing being blown out when Kris is pregnant. Poor baby!
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@raijin (10373)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
You are so verrry right about that, she's sooo pathetic! She really knows how to manipulate media, she's using her influences for people to side on her and earn their sympathy on her. It really is a "moro-moro" right from the start, from every issues that she gets involved with, she knows how to play with people's minds. Of course, most of the people would side on her, why? because first, she was a former first daughter and a daughter of Ninoy Aquino, and people would symphatize her because she's a woman -in which she always state on her interviews. I only hope that filipino public viewer do open their minds on her, do not always believe on what she is saying. She's been once branded as a disgrace from her family, she is not always that 'good-girl' as what she use to project right in front of the camera..
@jean_rose (416)
• Philippines
17 Mar 07
I can't say I don't like her. But for someone who has the wealth and the fame, she appears insecure. I mean, I grew up with her as a role model because she was so sweet way back then. But I sort of got to be fed up with her relationship roller coasters starting off with Alvin Patrimonio, to Ipe, to Joey Marquez to James Yap...and dragging other names along...well, who's next after the baby's out and she decides that "poor me" should not stay with hubby and go file for an annulment? It's sort of like a greasy food laid out on the table? It looks saucy but not one wants to take a bite anymore. It's too stereotype and my heart goes out to James. He is the less popular of the pair and naturally, he gets more unfair judgment. Doe Kris really think she could solve her marital squabbles by bringing everything out in the open and drag the whole Filipino public into the mess she is in? Does she have to appear pathetic everytime? Does she have to resort to the "pity me, please" act when she meets domestic problems? My goodness! At 35, this woman has yet a lot to learn. Maybe, she's just too overly protected and not exposed to the harsh realities. I admire her talent. I admire her intelligence. I admire the way she hosts because no one hosts her shows better than she does and she makes it as enjoyable to everyone as possible. But the admiration ends there. If she wants respect from the Filipino public, she must first learn to fight her own battles where it needs to be bought. Her problem is about her marriage, she should have talked about it with James. I'm sorry for sounding so negative, but I am so fed up with showbiz's almost too funny star reason why I don't like watching Tv and all those crappy soaps and talk ahows.
• Philippines
14 Mar 07
I think Kris and James Yap conflict is not a make up story. It is real. How can you say that it is make up? She is pregnant and why she would make that stupid thing in that kind of stage in her life? Man is by nature polygamus and basing from Kris work she is so busy and she is pregnant James need someone to have him satisfy his human needs. You know what I mean. He is so young and hot and need some girl. And maybe he does not love Kris that much. But I think Kris is just a victim again of man's error. We have just judge Kris basing on her being madaldal, frank, maarte. But I do believe that this isssue is real.
@mizrak07 (557)
• Philippines
6 Mar 07
I think its not a make-up story, I believe they really have a problem right now. Its the way Kris Aquino handles it that irritates me. For years she has this habit of bringing her private problems on national television. Yes you're right it is so pathetic.
@harxian (671)
• Philippines
3 Mar 07
i dont think that is fair to kris,when she knew about this matter regarding james and with hope,she was very depressed that she was able to be rushed to the hospital because of false alarm delivery because of the stress due to the problem they are facing right now and not just once but twice that his baby has been in endangared stage because he was rushed again to the hospital,if people are just being fair to her i know kris will face this matter but due to his standing that she is carrying a baby she cant defend her side this that easy for her especially nowadays for her do you think she would like to put her baby at risk just to be talked i dont think so. regarding the interview with hope i dont believe in her all her co-workers says that she is expecting something in return for james kindness to them but james is not being to her only but to all the staff and when she was asked if james told her i love you she says that no and there having there relationship for 11 months and james just laugh at her with her statement that if i really love her i will tell her i love her.and one thing is james keeping this thing to kris because she is not used to this situation as a showbiz are involved and he dont like to be the center talkings of showbiz and he did not mean that by keeping this thing it would make even worst for them.but i know in time they can have each other back to normal and hope kris have a safe delivery.