You know you have played too much WOW when.......

March 2, 2007 10:30pm CST
* You get thrown out of you local library cause your running around madly, shouting "ANYONE SEEN THE HOUNDMASTER???" * The police are called to your house by your neighbours because you are standing in your garden at 4 am shouting "LFG!! I NEED SOME PEOPLE SO I CAN GO TO THE WC!" * You are excommunicated from the local parish church because you keep going up to the local parson in the street and asking him for a stamina buff. * You walk out of you local pub at closing time, raise your arm in the car park and try to summon your mondeo.... * You are banned from sainsbury's because you keep complaining to the deli counter that the fish you keep buying does not turn you into a pirate.... * You are banned from Tesco's because you keep complaining to the deli counter that the fish keep buying does not turn you into a ninja..... * You are mugged by two skinheads and cannot understand why your pet poodle "wuffles" cannot tank one of them while you deal with the other.... * You spend hours looking at a field full of sheep waiting for one of them to turn into a 7ft tall ogre and attack you..... (Does not apply to the welsh) * Your local phamacist will not serve you anymore becuase all you ask for is deeprock salt. * And you are finally arrested in a shopping mall for standing the centre shouting "I NEED AN ANKH!!"...... * Your friends call you crazy for having a pet cockroach and expecting it to follow you everywhere. * You get arrested for attacking and trying to skin the tigers in your local zoo. * You almost drown and can't understand why cuz you cast water-breathing on yourself. * You take a bunch of weapons, food, drink and other various items to your bank and kick of at them when they won't keep it for you. *when you realise that your pet has died and you try to resurect it *when your in the airport tapping your foot saying this zimp is taking to long..... *when you start looking above the girls head in the bar trying to work out her name *when you buy something from the shops and expect to pay in gold and silver *when you ask your best friend to stay at home so you can talk in game *when you arrange to go out and ask whos going to take the aggro * You wonder if road rage will help you beat the traffic lights. * You visit the zoo and think that the polar bear would make a good tanking pet. * You try and set your PvP flag when you see a garden gnome. * You wind down the window and yell “For the Horde!” when passing a field of cattle. * You wonder how fast that can of soda will restore your mana. * You say grats when the microwave finishes cooking the meal. * You keep an eye out for Murlocs when walking along the beach with your date. * You tell your friend that you will pst them with a slash invite for the party.
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@xtedaxcvg (3190)
• Philippines
6 Mar 07
All i can say is ROFLCOPTER!!!!