Cell phones and its use

March 3, 2007 2:05am CST
Cell phones are the need today.Without the cell a man is nothing but useless. But its uses by the students in the schools is not good it should be prohibited and should not be allowed in the school premises. What is the use of the cell phones with the students in the schools?
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@cikedo (3487)
• United States
12 Nov 07
I don't have a problem with students having a cell phone on them when they are at school. As long as they don't play games or text while classes are going on it shouldn't be a problem. I also believe that cells should be put on silent while it's owner is in class. That would keep it from disturbing the class.
@suspenseful (40316)
• Canada
31 Oct 07
The only reason that students should use cellphones in school is for emergencies, and not to talk to other students or fool around when they should be studying. Look before there were cell phones, there were pay phones or a phone at the receptionist's office. You were not allowed to gab on the phone during school hours, and the only time you were allowed to use the phone in the office was if you were sick and your parents had to pick you up. These rules should apply.
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
3 Mar 07
It's OK for students to have cell phones, you never know when they may be in some sort of situation where their phone can save their life. They should be turned off in class, however.