Laws of Attraction

March 3, 2007 6:14pm CST
I believe in Laws of attraction, not just in relationships or finding your mate. But also in life. If you project negativity, you attract negative events, people, health, etc. If you keep thinking that your partner is cheating on you when he actually doesn't, there is a possibility that it would come true. Laws of attraction affects everyone. So when you wake up in the morning, put a smile on your face and say TODAY is a great day!
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@disvachic (10123)
• United States
4 Mar 07
Hi there,i believe in the Law of Attraction and believe that God has something to do with it to.So i try my best to think positive everyday!
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@ahgong (10066)
• Singapore
18 May 07
I do believe so. In fact, the chinese has a few phases that loosely translate to: "xin xiang shi chen" -- "What the heart thinks, the mind will accomplish" "you zhi zhe, shi jing chen" -- "The determined will get things done" I was sitting down to reflect upon this topic when I suddenly realize, it did happen to me! Reminds me of the song from the animated movie "Prince of Egypt" where Mariah and Whitney was singing " there will be miracles... when you believe... " heh heh... when you come to ponder about it, it is true. When you think positively, your mind and body will respond in kind. And when you act positively, the people around you will feel good and act likewise too. And when they feel good and positive, they will also affect the people around them in a like manner. The cycle repeats. Nitty gritties that used to bother you no longer seem like a huge problems anymore... more solutions are seen or felt cos you can see beyond now and see the big picture. And when that happens, you feel good knowing that the problem is solved. Do you believe in the laws of attraction?
@clod0327 (817)
• Philippines
6 Mar 07
I agree with you. If you start your day with negative thougths, there's a big chance that you will really have a bad day.
@Fargale (760)
• Brazil
4 Mar 07
The movie by this same name ("The Secret: The Law of Attraction") is depressingly pseudoscientific, and extremely naive at best. The whole concept that there is a magical force that grants anyone's wishes as long as they desire it hard enough is laughable. But that said, the fundamental idea of "laws of attraction" DOES work. There's just nothing magical about it. It's called "having a positive outlook in life". If you act positively, treat other people well, and are generally a positive person, of course good things will tend to come your way, and other people will tend to treat you well in return. It's not anything supernatural, it's just common sense.
• Melbourne, Florida
4 Mar 07
I also believe in the laws of attraction. I have been learning how to control it for several years now. It's hard to not let negative thoughts creep in.
@LindaLou (483)
• Canada
4 Mar 07
I totally believe in this too. I believe that we emit energy vibrations with all of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, words and actions. If we make them primarily happy and positive then we will in return experience primarily happiness and positivity in the form of "blessings" from God/the universe.