Could You Do This To Your Child?

United States
March 4, 2007 10:24am CST
Where do you think Anna Nicole Smith should have been buried? Her interment was yesterday in the Bahamas beside her late son, Daniel. Her mother, Virgie Arthur, wants to exhume both Anna Nicole and Anna's son Daniel and move the bodies to Texas. Howard K. Stern, Anna's lawyer and companion, wants Anna Nicole's body to remain where it is in the Bahamas. Larry Birkhead, former boyfriend of Anna Nicole and claimed father of Anna Nicole's six month old daughter, says Anna Nicole wanted to be buried in California near the grave of her idol, Marilyn Monroe. As a Mother myself, I don't understand how Ms. Arthur could entertain the idea of going to court to have both her daughter and grandson exhumed from their Bahaman graves and moved to Texas for reburial. I think she should leave them alone now that they are both laid to rest. If the two are moved anywhere, it should be to California, where Anna Nicole spent most of her adult life. Could you choose to move the bodies of your dead child and grandchild?
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@jolmartyn (133)
11 Apr 07
I really don't understand how a mother could even suggest such a thing! This isn't how you behave with your own children and grandchildren.
@flowerchilde (12518)
• United States
7 Apr 07
I'm not sure I trust the woman! What with what Anna Nicole said about her.. I saw a clip of the interview, I forget who it was with and Anna Nicole was real down on her mother, talking about abuses.. So what I'm hoping is to not see her get any custody of the little baby..
@sigma77 (5385)
• United States
4 Mar 07
I have not been following this at all. And this is the reason why. In my mind, it doesn't make a difference. But people have to have something exciting to fight over. They have nothing better to do. I am willing to bet that a year from now, the media will still be hyping this story and many more about ANS. I would leave them where they are.