Amy's baby

@jend80 (2068)
March 4, 2007 10:57am CST
Watched part of the Omnibus today, thought it was sad about Amy ignoring her baby and letting her mother pretend it's hers. Do you think she has post natal depression or just a shallow teenager, or in shock and unable to cope, especaialy after her mothers comments about how she's ruined her life and should give it away. Do you think Amy will change her mind or will keep quiet only for the truth to come out later.
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2 Apr 07
I think Amy is probably still in shock about having a baby and has probably never really accepted that she has had a baby. I also think that because of her mum's reaction she feels that she can't talk about the baby with anyone in case they begin to suspect something. I don't think her mum's reaction of trying to claim the baby has done anything to help Amy come to terms with her pregnancy. I definately think the truth about Amy's baby will come out, but in true Hollyoak's style I reckon that it will drag on for a very long time. Especially since they've diverted attention from it with Mike becoming so posessive over Amy.
2 Apr 07
I think that because she never really accepted the fact that she was pregnant in the first is the reason why she does accept the baby. I got a feeling though that she will soon realise what she is missing out on and want to take care of the baby.
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@tambdy (1969)
1 Apr 07
Well she is still not taking to it and all this stuff with josh she is not wanting him to find out, what happened to amy's mother watching it i missed one episode and then she was gone. I feel sorry for her dad though he is trying his hardest and nothing is seeming to work.