Why,i can see different colors when i close my eyes?

March 4, 2007 10:25pm CST
I can see different colors like red blue green etc,when i close my eyes.I asked all my friends,about it.No one is experiencing it.Is any one experiencing it.Please share your views about it.Is it an extraordinary power?
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• India
5 Mar 07
This is a kind of energy in our mind. when you centralize your eyes in the center of both,you will find more lights.If you close your ears and eyes with both hands you will listen a supereb sound. try it.
@mcarps79 (1262)
• Uganda
5 Mar 07
its like....when we do meditation in front of candle...we can see candle after closing eyes also....if you see colors after closing eyes...i think u hv seen some coorfull thing in your past which has gr8 impact on ur brain and due to that u r looking all colors...i think.....
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
When I tried closing my eyes before pounding on the keyboard, I find only 2 colors - black and white. Yours is unique because most of the people I have asked this question, answered just about like mine. It could be that your perception of colors is so vivid that it is retained in your sight though you already close your eyes. I remember having undergone an experiment to this effect in college. And it did work that way. I cannot discount the fact that there is a possibility that this is caused by all the happy memories of your life from childhood which take on a variety of colors. I am really sorry that I cannot give you a very profound answer because, I am not very familiar with cases like yours.
• United States
5 Mar 07
its not that uncommon, i can't remmeber the actual name for it, but i know people who actually relate colors to things that people say ect.