What will become of humanity?

United States
March 5, 2007 4:14am CST
Any thoughts on the future of humanity? (It might help to know where I'm coming from, so consider reading Alvin Toffler's 1970 book "Future Shock."). Anyway, if we don't start changing the nature of our society really soon, we'll be in trouble--depleted resources, not enough trees, not enough locations for housing, etc. Do you have any ideas, solutions? I think the entire world should, starting right now, take space exploration seriously and begin colonizing other moons, planets, space stations, et ceteras. Do you have hope for humanity? Let's hear some of your ideas.
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@mobyfriend (1019)
• Netherlands
5 Mar 07
I don't think space programs are the answer for humanity. From a practical point of view the world population must decrease and we need to solve the problem of global warming. And I'm not sure if the poor of the earth would benefit from colonizing other moons etc. If we go on like this we are going on there is no perspective for humanity. But first all worldlearders must be aware of the earth's problems and that is the biggest problem of all.
• United States
5 Mar 07
In the interest of debate, I have to ask one question and make one assertion. 1) Who do you suggest we begin murdering? The population's getting too high so we suggest genocide? That's a little dark to say in the least. 2) Like most of us human beings, you fail to address the big spectrum of problems. We are going to run out of resources, and places to go. Not to mention, that as a global community we are sincerely lacking in direction and goals. Historically, the one thing that has unified a people is a common enemy. Now that we are a global society, and we'd like to at least convince ourselves that we are moral and intelligent, then we really no longer have a common enemy... with exception to our species as a whole.
• Netherlands
6 Mar 07
Exuse me I'm not suggesting murdering but with decreasing I mean birth control.