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March 5, 2007 1:46pm CST
I just started playing Chess. I've found playing online is incredible - it has helped me immensly that whenever I want a game against a human I can find one. My question is more for the experienced players. What are some of the tactics that I should be focusing on? I'm looking for general concepts more than specific moves. More along the lines of using forks, pins, skewers, discovered attacks etc etc.. Concepts would be more like "control the middle" or "get your pieces out quickly." What are the advantages/disadvantages of having both knights vs 1 knight and 1 bishop? Is it worth sacrificing a knight and a bishop to take their queen? How important is castling? Anything else I'm totally missing? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
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8 Mar 07
Having both bishops is probably stronger than having both knights because the bishops can essentially patrol all diagonals as long as they're both out there. ALWAYS exchange a bad bishop for a knight. By bad bishop I mean a bishop that may cover predominantly black squares when your opponent has virtually all of his pawns on white squares. I would say that without a doubt I would sacrifice both a knight a bishop to take someone's queen. If you believe in the point value system they disperse like this: 1 - pawn 3 - knight 3 - bishop 5 - rook 9 - queen This would make a case for exchanged both a rook and a night or bishop for a queen and I'm a little more skeptical there as it depends on the situation and the pieces on the board. I wouldn't apply that as a rule of thumb for anytime. Finally, I ALWAYS castle relatively early. It's a mainstay when I'm playing. I think it's USUALLY beneficial to castle unless your attack is so potent it is almost assuring you a victory. Hope this helps and sheds a little light on your problem. Best of luck to you.
@lestat_m (377)
• Philippines
5 Mar 07
I love playing chess but perhaps I'm not that experienced one that you are talking about. Anyways I do know a some basic theory, Tactics and strategies of plying chess takes time and mastery.:) Try building your position - moving your knight first before your bishop- most likely you will successfully build pressure at the this way. Take care of all your pawn dont waste them without an exchange.. hope this help