Could I be jinxed or hexed?

March 6, 2007 5:10am CST
Is it possible that someone could have put a badluck or actualy disaster spell on my familyand business?For the past month it is the one major problem following the other. 2 Vehicles broke down and needed serious and expensive repairs. The 1 was 2 days back from the workshop and engine packed up. We had a armed robbery at out premises. A friend of my children walked through my glass door. I lost my whole data for 2006 bookyear. My monitoring basestation broke down, 3 computers needed serious and expensive maintenance all in 2 weeks time. One or our biggest contracts is in serious jeopardy because of internal problems with the directors of that company. I am at a loss for what to do. This is nuts the way everything goes wrong. Whats going on?
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• Philippines
6 Mar 07
Sometimes things like this happens. When things go wrong in my life and everything I do seems to fail, I stop, slow down, and go down on my knees. It helps when I pray.
• Namibia
6 Mar 07
yes, it help in the sense that you get strength to face another day, but that I more and more believe comes from yourself. The strenght to face yet another day full of problems do not get the problems fixed. I'm losing faith here....
• Namibia
9 May 07
As the only person taking the time to talk to me on this post - you are the lucky winner of the best response