parents-in-law joins married couples in their problems?

@fianne (1059)
United States
March 6, 2007 7:57am CST
liza, my friend, is married for 3 months now. she was having problems with her husband's parents because they do not agree with her getting married to their son. she is already 24 and the husband is 27. the only problem is she was not able to graduate her course in medical technology because she sacrificed her course in order for her younger sister to go to London to work as a nurse. that's the thing the husband's parents like about her. her sister said she will let her go to school as to repay her sacrifice. but her husband won't let her because they have a good life, too. now my friend is torn in between and does not know what to do. do you have the same problem as to my friend's? if yes, how did you handle it? any advice would you like to share with me? i have told her some but i don't know... please help.
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• United Arab Emirates
6 Mar 07
I am not sure I understand. Her in laws appreciate the sacrifice that she made for her sister, right? Her husband does not want her to go back to school because they have a good life, right? She has been married for 3 months and the in laws are against the marriage, where were they 3 months ago? What exactly do they have against her? Is there a way for her to complete her course without having to go somewhere else? Does her husband know about the problems she has with his parents?
• India
8 Mar 07
Yes certainly I didnt understand also what realy is a ground zero reality.
@jennybianca (12915)
• Australia
7 Mar 07
I have not had the same problem, as I obtained all my qualifications before I married. This doesn't sound right to me. Surely it is up to your friend to make her own decisions whilst consulting her husband. Her parents-in-law should completely but out, and let them run their own lives. For what it is worth, I think your friend should do the course she wants. An education will benefit both & her husbands lives in the long run.
• India
8 Mar 07
All married people in their early days of marriage do have problems and this is natural. You have narrated a specific case and the title suggested that its the parents in law who are fueling the problem in her married life but when I read yours post I couldnt help but wonder what really you want to say and what kind of advice you seek? What yours friends really want and what really she has to choose in between? Ans what really is the thorn in her choosing to go back to complete her education?