How To Keep That Toliet Seat Warm!

United States
March 6, 2007 4:22pm CST
Toliets - The ever present question arises how in the heck do you keep the toliet seat warm???
To some this may sound as if it is a joke, but it's not a joke. So if any jokes are posted they will be rated negatively and reported. Being a woman, I have to sit down to do my bathroomly business, but each time I sit down to use the toliet it feels as if my bottom is gonna freeze right to the seat. It don't matter if it is the middle of winter or the middle of summer that seat is ice cold. Now mind you I don't mind it so much after I have awakened and have come to my senses, but when a person is first waking that sudden jolt is not a welcome thing. I have tried things ranging from placing a portable heater close to the toliet to covering the seat as best I can with layers of toliet paper (but this becomes burdensome when a person really has to go, not to mention one tends to go through a lot of toliet paper using this method time and time again). Unless a heated toliet seat is invented sometime in the very near future, I am all out of ideas on how to keep the toliet seat warm. So needless to say any and all ideas are welcome.