March 7, 2007 9:50pm CST
I can't enjoy my english class now.Hundreds of new words,boring books,long articles with many strange new words!That's more than enough.Why are there so many words with so many letters?!Can you enjoy it when you are learning a new language?I feel puzzled-^-
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@yanjiaren (9050)
8 Mar 07
OH ZHONGWEN! LOL.. I am trying to learn Mandarin and it is hen hen difficult lol..but i have found a really fun way to learning a foreign language..through songs and poetry.. i decided to learn chinese through the back door..learning all the complicated things first..It is working lol..i can say more than just wo ai ni and shui jiaola lol hahaha I really hope you have fun learning English...I am now having fun learning chinese zhidao ma? My favourite read has to be the YIN CONVESRION CLASSIC..actually why don't you get translations in English of all the chinese classics? As you have already learned them in chinese? that would make you feel warm to this strange language of ours..
• China
17 Mar 07
@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
I find the grammar part of learning a new language really boring. I honed my skill in English my reading romance books/novels and my writing a daily journal or diary. Suggest you do the same.
• China
17 Mar 07
Can you suggest me some good books?Thank you!
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• Philippines
14 Mar 07
i read the shout out of one of our co-mylotters. He says that we are like eaglets, baby eagles. When we're still babies, we don't know how to fly. Once we learn, we own the sky. You're still learning English,and once you master it, you can own it, play with it, and of course use it.
@CatNPK (461)
• United States
9 Mar 07
Learning a language is only fun if you think about how cool it will be when you actually know it. I'm at five languages right now, and the older I get the more time I have to spend coming up with tricks to memorize new words. During my first year of studying Arabic, I spent an hour a day memorizing new vocabulary. That is simply what you have to do to learn a new language. There are a lot of tricks and tips out there that apply to learning any language. One is to give it enough time. Two - immerse yourself, by listening, reading, and speaking as much as possible. Find a tutor if you really need one. Search online and at your local library for help on how to study, how to study a language, and then on how to study English specifically.