Do you remember your dreams? I had a one that I can't forget...

United States
March 7, 2007 11:16pm CST
I had a very wiered dream a month ago and I remember every detail of it. I was robbed and shot 7 sevens times. I've been thinking of it ever since. Do you remember your dreams and do you think they mean something?
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@Serwas (40)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
8 Mar 07
I don't remember my dreams always, but i was learning something about them. All dreams mean something, and all dreams cary something in them selves. It doesn't mean that they predict future (not always), but they have meaning. There is few ways of reading dreams. Sometimes people get upset becaouse of dreams, but truth is that even really ugly dreams doesn't have to represent something bad. Best way for learning about your dreams is to write them down with all details u can remember, and than in next period of time You take notes from every day that might be connected to that dream, like when u meet person u dreamed, and some detail from her, situation, etc.. Some dreams r oriented to You and some not. For example You have dreamed that you were robed, but that doesnt mean it was dream about you. You should follow happenings in next period and You will see if anything is connected to that dream. Maybe you will find in newspapers something related to that shooting and robbery (or maybe it already happend), or it was just some metaforic dream where You get raise for 7% (joke)... Any way if You have time, you sholud explore internet about dreams and learn something about them. Exploration of dreams can be really interesting if u have time for that, but i don't mean by using Drambooks or some crap.
• United States
12 Mar 07
Thanks alot! I hope the dream meant a 7% raise. lol!!
@LittleMel (14055)
• Canada
12 Mar 07
I don't always understand what dreams mean. Some of them can be interpreted based on our superstitious belief. Some of them are just our subconscious trying to tell us something. If you ever had a premonition before, then this dream might also be another premonition, not necessarily that you would be shot but more like being sick or something. But you can remember every detail, now that's even better maybe you should get it interpreted online.
• Philippines
8 Mar 07
actually i remember my dreams especially if they are kinda weird ang unnconnected to me, i even shared to my friends sometimes they had meaning too i even kept on wonderin wat it wud be in the next days to come, but i kept on praying too..they say dreams are reverse of reality..
@ram_cv (16516)
• India
8 Mar 07
I don't dream too much myself. But, when I dream, I do have vague recollections of the dream. It's almost like a movie that you watch without interest. You have a vague recollection of the plotline and what happened, but are not sure of the details. I typically remember dreams when the sequence was halted by a sudden wakeup call. Cheers! Ram