I'm hate credit card

@iriens (22)
March 8, 2007 7:14pm CST
I'm hate because I'm using it over limit. Now my card has been block and i need to pay a high interest every month. It my false, but i learn from it. expensive experience value. You know credit card has a power to influence people to start shopping without thinking. Our it may be just me.
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@anup12 (4182)
• India
13 Mar 07
Credit means only that you have to pay a heavy price for that.You only need to use it in the cases of emergency.So better not to use it too often.
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• United States
9 Mar 07
We have all been there and some learn there lessons and some don't. Credit card companies make it easy for everyone to get credit but hard to get out of debt. You should take it as a life lesson and pay it off as soon as possible. Hopefully you haven't got over your head and it is just a costly mistake. Credit cards are best used in an emergency and no other time. A good practice is to leave the cards at home, that away you don't buy on impulse. If you want something, you have to go home to get the card and you have time to think about it. Just remember you are not alone and don;t do it again. Good Luck!!
@ironstruck (2300)
• Canada
9 Mar 07
No it is not just you. Credit cards take advantage of peoples weakness and believe me you are not the only one. I have lots of them. Most people who use credit cards live way beyond their means. I have had enough of them and will soon be paying them all off and cutting them up. I will keep one with a low limit because they are handy for checking into hotels etc. or for I.D
@cutepenguin (6458)
• Canada
27 Mar 07
Hopefully your credit card debt is not too high. A small thing that can help is to try paying your bill a few days early - my credit card interest is compounded daily, so I save a little bit if I pay right when I get the bill rather than waiting until it's due.
@coffeeshot (3786)
• Australia
14 Mar 07
Cut your credit card in half and never get another one again!