Make Hay, While.....

@Mitraa (3188)
March 10, 2007 10:31am CST
It has been said, "Make hay, while the Sun shines." Is this statement valid in the present hi-tech time, where technology has promoted producing so many things very fast and at any time? What do you think of it?
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@Kishore7 (29)
• India
3 Apr 07
This statement is also equally valid in this present day of techology, since we can also implement this to work by use of tehnoloy. That means we must well utilize all the opportunities in right time those are at our hands. Thanking you also.
@info2go (241)
• Philippines
1 Apr 07
Thinking that there are a lot of other old proverbs that are still in use even up to now, I do think that this one still counts as a valid way to say: Strike the Iron while it's hot. They both suggest that people should do the things when they have the chance to do it or perhaps to advise them to 'not procrastinate'. This one is also closely tied up with the saying: 'Opportunity Only Knocks Once' since the idea that the sun for only a limited time imposes the concept that it is better to take advantage of the opportunity to dry the grass.
@shabbydg (11)
• Sri Lanka
11 Mar 07
"Make hay, while the sun shines" is still applicable today even though technology does make it more difficult. Not all ideas have been spent and new technologies does bring about new oppurtunities. All you need to do is take that idea and MAKE your HAY as fast as possible, as best as possible because the SUN does not SHINE too long in the present times!
@pilbara (1436)
• Australia
10 Mar 07
I think it is still valid. To me it means a couple of things 1) Do what you can while you can 2) There are right (optimum) conditions for things to be done, so do these things at the best possible time.