Fenf Shui for Love

March 12, 2007 11:10pm CST
Love life on the fritz? It may not be you. It must just be that you have bad Feng Shui in your home and your romantic prospects don't stand a chance.
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• Philippines
13 Mar 07
Bagua map - This is an example of a bagua map used to illustrate the different areas in your home. The skills and knowledge,career and helpful people area should be the one close to you when you are facing the door of your house. That is your base. from there you may divide the area of your house in 9 squares to be able to distinguish each area in your life. Example the right most corner if you are outside facing the door is the helpful people corner so you may enhance that by putting metallic chimes as the element of this corner is metal.
I believe in the power of Feng Shui. You know last year I really like someone and that someone does not have any feelings for me. We are friends and that's about it he even went to the length of telling me "You're not my type" (ouch). From the province we climbed I was able to buy a pink dream catcher. Unconsciously I hung that dream catcher in the love section of my life (that is the upper right corner of your room if you are faceing the door) and you know the effect is almost instant, that friend and I became a couple and now we are living together. It is only lately that I realized that perhaps it is feng shui coupled with prayers that helped me to achieve this. It is only now I have realized that I unconciously activated the love section of my life by hanging/placing a pink object in this section. In Feng Shui pink is the color of love it is said that to enhance this section in our life or if you want help in attaining good relationships (any relationship,friendship,love,etc.) you should activate this section by placing pink objects. If you want to find a mate then place objects in pairs like two pink candles, two ducks, avoid putting solitary decorations in this section. Learn more about simple feng shui and how it can help you improve your life here: http://www.fengshuipalace.com/bagua.php