Are you your mother's daughter/son?

March 13, 2007 11:44pm CST
Have you noticed that when we are young when we are scolded by our mother we promised ourselves that we wouldn't do this or that when our time comes to be parents. But eventually when we are adults we unconciously evolve to be like our mothers?
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• Philippines
14 Mar 07
Those strikes I received as a child really hurts. I hated those times when my parents strike me real hard for a wrongdoing. I had the resolve never to inflict those painful strikes to my children if ever they come around. Then my time came. I had the first two kids with me when we stayed at my mom's for a few months. My mother noticed that I never give my children any spanking. She called me up and told me that there is nothing wrong with giving kids some spanking for as long as they don't get hurt beyond the skin. Yes, telling them about their mistakes is good. But, spanking is necessary so the child will understand better. A child remembers better the pain inflicted once they do wrong than those words of admonition. My mother's words ended with: 'Strike them now hard enough and make them feel the pain or else, when they grow up, they will strike you real hard and you will be compelled to bear the unbearable pain.' Yes, I spank my kids then but, I always made sure they all landed in the butt so there will be no damage inflicted. I make them lie down in bed, butt up before giving those hard blows of 3 strikes using a guava twig. At six or seven years old, they were already old enough to understand admonitions, the strikings disappeared totally.
• Philippines
15 Mar 07
Thank you for sharing this. :)