wedding...who pays?

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March 14, 2007 7:49am CST sister is getting married and we have about 70-80 relatives who wants to witness the ceremony/attend the wedding while her boyfriend has 20.should they split the wedding cost that our parents pay for our guests and his parents pay for their guests, or 50/50?
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14 Mar 07
if the guy could not afford to pay that many guest then by all means your parent should pay for the extra guest. when i got married i was irritated when my in-laws interfere with the planning of the guest. let the bride herself decide who to invite, its her day, not any one else. in a wedding i believe its up to the bride and groom who they want to invite at the wedding. don't insist your own way, it ruins the occassion to the one who will be getting married. the only exception i could see why parent interfere with wedding plans is when they are the one picking the tab. if not let the bride and groom decide. as to who should pay for the extra guest. the one who insist should pay.