@reaperz (1266)
United States
March 14, 2007 8:11am CST
I find it really hard to organize things. Especailly if I am in a rush! I never find the time to actually pick up my clothes, work and things in my house and organized them. I don't know why? Do you like your things organized?
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@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
14 Mar 07
I have to have all of my things organized. I was raised to be that way for one. I can't stand clutter or any kind of mess. I am constantly picking things up in my household and putting them where they belong. I have a husband and a 15 year old daughter and a dog to pick up after daily. I have tried to teach them to pick up their own things and put them away but they do not seem to care as much a sI do. I have to do this daily so the house does not becaome a total disaster area. I am not satisfied until my house is clean and everything is put in its place daily.