I need a few questions answered please somebody!

United States
March 16, 2007 4:03am CST
ok first of all i have an ibm p3 pc 300pl with windows ME i want to upgrade it to windows xp professional as i do have the gateway restoration cds for windows xp pro. my problemo is that no matter what cds i put in i have to go to "run" and type in whatever in order to run the cds (btw does anybody know how i can fix that so it will run automatically?) anyway my bigger problem is i do not know how to run these cds i dont know what to type in and i have tried everything i could to no avail, browsed, searched you name it! can someone please help and give me advice on how i can run these cds to upgrade to xp pro!! please
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@Asylum (48224)
• Manchester, England
16 Mar 07
If the autorun feature does not work then this could be a couple of things. If you have an early version of Roxio Easy CD Creator (pre 5.02d) then this will negate the autorun. If you do not have Roxio, then it is most likely disabled in the registry. The easiest way to install Windows XP is to boot the computer with the CD in the drive. This will start the CD and give you the option of formatting the drive and installing Windows XP from scratch. If you do this, all data will be lost from the drive, so do not forget to back up all documents or images etcetera.