What is Your Biggest Fear?

Fire - A house on fire
@hcromer (2712)
United States
March 16, 2007 11:26am CST
What are you afraid of? My biggest fear is working at a pizza place for the rest of my life and my house burning down.
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• Singapore
16 Mar 07
There is a saying that the biggest fear is the fear of fear itself. I quite subscribe to this saying too. Hmm.. :P
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@sensesfail (2251)
• India
17 Mar 07
Its the fear of the DARK.lol Just kidding.I'm scared of heights and thats the only thing I'm scared of.*hopes to overcome it someday*
@vikceo (1301)
• India
17 Mar 07
nothing as such. there is nothing like biggest fear. you can not estimate such feelings in your life. things become bigger only till the day you have lived your life. then you have to and you do forget the things.
@maribea (2366)
• Italy
17 Mar 07
I am definitely afraid of insects..all kind of insects..spider, flying objects, ...oh black beetles can terrify me in a way I cannot explain...so you can imagine how bad I felt when living in an universitary residence and having them appearing in the night because they entered from the garden...I was so scared that I could not sleep!!! where future is concerned, my best fear is to lose control of myself, I mean to suffer from a mental disease...I think my soul and my mind are my treasures and I am afraid of developing one of those diseases that make you become a fool of yurself..I cannot imagine it...it would be the biggest lost...losing my sense, my sensibility, the way I can feel the world..oh my God
• United States
16 Mar 07
I have two thing that i fear the first is fire, and the second is loosing my family. its something that i have feared for years. i dont think i will ever get over either of them.