Does failure become helpful?

March 16, 2007 3:35pm CST
I just want to know if somewhere in your past, u failed and stand up again with new lessons learned? Me, I've learned a lot from my mistakes. It makes me a better and strong person... How about you?
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• New Zealand
16 Mar 07
Defintly. Failure is more important than winning. Without failure there is nothing to compel interest in gaining something. Without failure there is no learning process. One of the things in my CV states "And as a human being working my way up in the workforce, I believe that the only good employers are ones that realise their workers are human assets and not machines. We all make mistakes, and it's a matter of helping youre employee or firing them." By stating such a laser-beamed viewpoint, I could be potentially setting myself up for failure at getting that new job because I sound to flippant and sure of myself. But at the same time, a really personable employer might read it and hire me on the spot, it's all about taking a risk, learning from it, and gaining. The only problem with failure is if it recurs and no learning is even attempted. Such as horrible parents that constantly fail. Then it's not helpful to fail, and other measures have to be taken to stop the, for example parent- failing, whether it be the law or other family members.
@gigarange (1165)
• United States
16 Mar 07
Life is full of challenges. Sometimes it is full of happiness, sometimes pain. Sometimes we think that it is the end of the world, that our problems are unbearable. But if we just hang on, and do not lose the faith that we can make it and work hard for it, we will. I have my shares of mistakes in the past and as life goes on, I learned from it and eventually become a better person.