Do you like to win or resign from arguments?

United States
March 17, 2007 3:15am CST
What's the most common arguments people get themselves into? Do you like to win or resign from them? Who's the won that resigns and wins in your relationship? Be honest!
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@sechsey (1836)
• Canada
24 Mar 07
I am more into winning most of the time but i also know to know admit that he/she is right. As long as i have said my point and have been sent across to the other person. i dont like winning or resigning to anything if i know i still have something to say.:P
@ethanmama (1746)
• Philippines
24 Mar 07
It's not about winning or losing an argument. It's about what's reasonable and what's not reasonable. My husband and I sometimes argue over things, big and small, but eventually, we compromise a bit...or one of us realizes that the other has a valid point and eventually makes peace. :)
@Pigglies (9339)
• United States
24 Mar 07
It's kind of funny, because for me I usually have to win all arguments. Except that in a relationship I don't. Then I can just give it up because nothing is so important that I have to win.
@coolcrux1 (141)
• India
17 Mar 07
There is not common arguments it changes according to atmosphere, nature... Normally I like to win with strong reason. but sometime i quiet and let others to win. and this kind of thing happens when I do not have solid reason.
@im_anna (718)
• Philippines
17 Mar 07
i would rather debate on certain issues on certain people but not in a relationship. arguments in a relationship doesn't have to have a winner & a loser/resignation from the argument because both people lose in arguments. in relationships, arguments are there for the couple to be able to talk about things/situations, a middle ground. these are challenges in the relationship that both parties should overcome or they both lose