Increase earning rate at mylot.....

March 17, 2007 10:03pm CST
Here i am giving some tips on getting more response from mylot community, don't forget to rate and reply me back if you like it?? (1)The earning is not static and it is depending on the quality content that you have posted. write 3-4 lines for the content of the post then perhaps myLot will pay you more instead of writing just one word or one sentence. (2)I encourange you to add more friends when you just signed up myLot, some of your friends will help you response to your new discussion. (3)You can add picture and upload picture in myLot, it is counted in one of the part of earning. (4)Respond to the as many as existing discussions. (5)Put very good and enough number of tags for each posts (6)Manage your interest and find out the category which has the largest number of users (7)Choose a best category for that posts.
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@glenry86 (211)
• Australia
18 Mar 07
thanks very much for the info and tips, they will be used wisely as i am still fairly knew and have earned very little, can you add pic's when responsed to the peoples discussions?
@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
18 Mar 07
Some time back, I also did a post on some tips on how to create new quality discussions. It was about jotting down your ideas on a notebook or pda whenever and wherever the ideas popped up. Your post is very helpful for many newbies as well as a good reminder for older members. We sometimes forget the basic strategies. Uploading images or photos tends to earn higher margin. I have noticed that before. Once, I uploaded 25 photos and earned $0.50 more or less. Let's hope that different members will also test out certain tips and confirm with all of us. In this way, members are helping each other to earn more.
@eshuniki (132)
• India
18 Mar 07
Hey thanks for those suggestions.I m new here and was wondering wat i need to do to get ahold in this place.Thanks to people like u,we newcomers dont need to worry much cause we can get all the help we need here.Keep up the good work.Cheers!!
@lenywp (1964)
• Australia
18 Mar 07
Those are great, thanks for taking the time to write all those up :)
• Philippines
18 Mar 07
Those are very nice tips. I just started mylot about a week ago.. I will surely apply some of those tips... Well done... Keep it up.. have a nice day.
@arkaf61 (10882)
• Canada
18 Mar 07
Those are very good suggestions not only for new members but also for a lot of posters here in mylot. Mylot refers to the quality of posts in their dos and don'ts pages as well as a lot of the things that you suggested but I am almost ready to bet that a lot of mylotters never read them. Good work on bringing them to everyone:)
@Azrayel (95)
18 Mar 07
Those are some nice tips, thanks for posting!