last will and testament.

July 12, 2006 8:19am CST
My elderly aunt recently passed away. She never married and had no children. her will left her six brothers an equal share of her estate but they have all predeceased her. We are now told that her estate passes onto their children, but we have also been told that the share would be what the deceased parent would have recieved and as there are ten nieces and nephews it would not work out as an equal share can anyone shed any light on the matter.
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@QnAQueen (555)
• United States
12 Jul 06
the information that you have is correct. say if there are six brothers, your aunt's estate would be divided into six amongst the brothers. then if brother A had 1 children, brother B had 3 children, brother C had 1 child, brother D had 1 child, brother E had no children, and brother F had 4 children, then: brother A's, C's, and D's children would have the entire 1/6 share that each of their fathers would inherit. brother B's children would each get 1/18 of the total property brother E has no children so there's no one to inherit anything brother F's children would each get 1/24 of the total property. hope this helps clarify things.