What's the funniest thing you've seen as a 'hobby' on mylot?

United States
March 18, 2007 3:55pm CST
For me, it's life. I always want to say, oh yeah..life's my hobby. But I think I want to try DEATH as my next one, you know? It's just a joke..but still..LIFE? A hobby? I'm not critisizing people..I just think it's a little funny. So..what thing that's been described as a hobby has made you laugh the most?
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@arcadian (931)
• United States
20 Mar 07
So I'm responding to someone's anguish ridden posting about losing her child and what to do and all that, and I'm reaching down deep to find truths within myself with which to rewpond. After which I get to say something about parenting-AS A HOBBY. My kid would no doubt say yeah, a neglected one. Okay then- I'm so serious about my beliefs, that I'm this close to being pompous. I mean I get down with it. I have cultivated my spirituality lo this long lifetime. Contemplating, practicing, searching, listening, reading and reading and reading.Do you want to list witchcraft among hobbies you enjoy. :D Yeah, I do.
• United States
21 Mar 07
Lol..I know! It's like me responding to someone's barely polite discussion about paganism and voodoo yesterday, and I'm asked if religion's my hobby lol. I started saying yes mostly so I could find discussions better XD But I like your point of view on that..we DO have to look at things a little more humorously..and I suppose it's a nice place to start or keep goin' lol
19 Mar 07
PMSL - I AM a role player, complete with my costume, weapons and character, and there are a lot of people out there who think my hobby is pretty wierd. I will be very interested to see what other hobbies can be considered "wierd" hun - lol
@sensesfail (2251)
• India
20 Mar 07
lol.I think one of the most funniest thing as a hobby is love.How can one have love as hobby? lol. Its like hey i'm in love with my gf just like that.lol