please give me an advise!

March 19, 2007 7:36pm CST
I came from a 4 year relationship. But sad to say it failed for so many reasons and maybe it's because we're learning for a maturity level of life. It was very hard for me to accept that it already ended. That was my longest relationship ever. That's why I decided to go out from the town to start life again and move on. As I go along with my life and got a new job I met a new guy. I can say that he was an ideal type of person. At first I said to myself that maybe it's time for me to move on and open my heart again, to love again. But now, we've been together for a year but as I remember in our two months in a relationship I felt that time that "I don't love him" and even up to now.. I don't know the reason..I'm still longing and still love my "x". I don't know i can't dectate my feelings.. I still love him and still care for him. And after a year that we never see each other, we met again.. and I know that there is still love that connects us. I can feel it in our actions. And now I want to settle things to end it up. I want to end this relationship that I have now with my recent boyfriend. I'm not saying that I will go back to my x it's just that I don't want to lie to myself and being unfaithful to him. Please help me what to do..How can I tell him? What will I do?
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@tatzkie (644)
• Philippines
20 Mar 07
love moves in mysterious ways right? well... all i can say is that, you have to talk heart to heart with your new bf. explain your feelings. but dont break up with him. Just tell him that you need some space to think all over again. tell him that you dont want to lie to him and you want to be fair. Im a guy. I know what it feels to be dumped. I experienced this. But after a while, I realized that its better to talk about it and resolve it rather than go on with it but there is a gap and emptiness in the relationship. we all are like fishes... whatever water we swim on.. we learn to move on and survive. Thatz life!
@brckoba (795)
• United States
20 Mar 07
Well, to be honest with you after a very long relationship it's going to be hard to move on. From what you told me you did not wait long enough for you to get over you ex-boyfriend. You need to wait a little more time until you can find who you are now and what you want to do with your future. Also you need to take the good things from your last relationship and learn from them. Now, about the new person in your life, you need to sit down with him and be honest and just tell him the you are just not ready to be in a relationship. If he truly cares for you I'm sure he will understand, but if he doesn't, then you will find someone who will love you more than any other person before. Good Luck!! :P