What is the main cause of your SIBLING RIVALRY?

me and my dad.. - I love my daddy so much.. I owe my life to him..
@jlo228 (170)
March 20, 2007 10:56pm CST
i love my siblings, I have 3 brothers and no sister, I'm the eldest. We always fighting... fighting for something, the rule should be if one has, all should have... jealose is the main reason, what can i do..I'm only a daughter that's why I get a lot of attention. They misunderstood me.
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• Philippines
21 Mar 07
Conflict of interests... that's one thing that somehow brought out some pity squabbles between me and my younger brother. I'm the eldest of two, by the way... and sometimes I just don't like it when my brother use some of my things without asking my permission, or sometimes he is playing the role of a know-it-all type of person which I don't really like coz he often gets into trouble because of that.
@jwfarrimond (4474)
21 Mar 07
I have an older sister and no other siblings. As there is a quite large age gap (five years) between us, I think that there was quite a lot of jealousy on the part of my sister when I was born as she was getting all of the attention of course before then. But then I arrived, and as the new baby, I suddenly was getting all of the attention and she was getting none. :-) Of course, that was all a long time ago and all that has been forgotten so what I am saying is that while you might have a lot of friction and fighting with your brothers now, in time as you all get on with your lives, get married maybe and start to raise your own families, and all that friction and rivalry will vanish. (Hopefully) :-)