E mail Scanning

@vikhram (202)
March 20, 2007 11:31pm CST
Hi guys I now live in Singapore.. People say they scan Emails here..and it is very difficult to send conficential information as it is anyway scanned.. Do yo think it is possible any criteria how people scan the E mailss. and what type of E mails they scan...do they scan all the E mails or only with attachments
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@procezx (76)
• India
6 Aug 07
Vikhram email scanning is two types one is scanning for virus another for your suspicious messages that could be send over the mail service. The first one is generally done regularly to avoid the possibility of spreading the viruses and other infectious codes to the computer via emails. The second one is done when a suspicion arises about any users account. Then the particular email is scanned and read for any kind of coded messages.Generally for security purpose the all the email message is scanned for some particular phrases and words that are related to the terrorism. And this is done by a bot not by human. The Human intervention occurs only when the suspicious code is identified by the bot. The email services never open their criteria of scanning to any one except the government authorities that too on demand as a support to the authorities. Neither of the messages are made public to handed to unconcerned staff. So its not a matter of worry about sending your special messages unless they are not associated to the anti-government activities.