March 21, 2007 7:30am CST
what kind of coffee do you like.
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21 Mar 07
Most coffees. It depends what mood I am in. However, I especially like Java and Blue Mountain and if I was going to buy someone coffee for a present it would probably be these as they are both great coffees if you are a real coffee drinker.
• Canada
21 Mar 07
we don,t have those kind,s in quebec but maybe they are pretty good.i like hill,s and it not costly.
21 Mar 07
Java is just coffee grown on the island of Java, and Blue Mountain is a coffee growing region in Jamaica. I'm sure you could find coffees from both in specialist shops. In the UK most supermarkets have half an aisle devoted to coffees so its pretty easy to get coffees from anywhere in the world you want.
• India
16 Dec 07
I'm more of a juice or shake loving person. I used to drink hot coffee when the climate is very cold and chilly otherwise I neither prefer coffee nor even tea. I love it and its the first thing I have in the mornings to get me going.If I don't have it I get headaches really bad, because I think that I am addicted to it.