is there anyone from Pakistan who actually received money from myLot

@ravianz (285)
October 17, 2006 8:49pm CST
i just want to know is there any body from Pakistan??
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• United States
28 Feb 10
I am not from Pakistan, so I can't answer this with absolute certainty. However, I have friends from all over the world that are active on this site, and they get paid when they reach the minimum payout. I believe that the determining factor on this would be PayPal rather than myLot, because myLot sends payments through PayPal. I believe that as long as PayPal accepts and sends payments to your country, then you will get paid once you are active and have accumulated the minimum amount to reach payout. Of course, you need to enter all your payment information correctly on here before any payments can be processed. Actually, after re-reading the FAQs listed here I realized that there are certain countries that myLot are not allowed to send money to, but it is governed by US law and not myLot itself. I do not know what countries are on this list, however. There are a few other things to remember, though. First, if you do not reach minimum payout in a month, then your earnings will carry over to the next month and keep accumulating until you do reach minimum payout. Second, even if you reach minimum payout in the middle of the month, your earnings will keep accumulating until the end of that month. Third, your payment will be processed on or before the fifteenth of the month following the month in which you reached minimum payout. If you do not log in to myLot for ninety days, however, then any earnings that you may have accumulated will be lost.