I rescue poor kittens when I was 9 years old.(and my mom always chase me for it)

March 22, 2007 11:08am CST
Many kittens (cats) are not so fortunate when it comes to having a home and a caring owner... like in our place many homes did not want pets. Some households even have these ideas of leaving the litter of a pet cat behind. (In vacant lots,forrest and even near river sides causing them to drown)..(There aren't fixed laws that protect pets and animals from such cruelty also)They said its too expensive to keep too many cats.. one is enough. And since techniques for keeping pets sterile is not quiet practice here.. bearing 1 to twice as much as 5 is common. But when was a kid of 9, I really pity and have this space in my heart for these creatures. So when I got to take my afternoon biking to this place near a fishing pond where you can hear sounds of crying kittens... I always try my best to pick maybe two and bring it home. My mom always chase me or scold me for it. she said it was smelly and difficult to be cared for it needs its mother rather than human hands because its too little...(sometimes they even have closed eyes yet)... But I won't budge and give up the poor kitties. I think before I reached my 12th bday... I have rescued more than 30 kittens...(some died and some survived but left home)... and still now that I'm on my 20's I still adore them. and do some charity stuffs like feeding cats I did not owned...
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@Calais (10900)
• Australia
22 Mar 07
Good on you for saving these poor animals. I was always bringing animals home when I was little too. But luckily my mother was an animal lover too and we got to keep quite a few. Unfortuntely there are cruel people everywhere and the cruelty to animals will never stop, sad to say, but if you can save just at least one then you can carry that proudness in your heart.
@Stringbean (1273)
• United States
22 Mar 07
Good for you. It is not the fault of the kitties that they were abandoned like this so it is good that you have helped as many as possible. Maybe you can train to be a veterinarian since you seem to have so much compassion for animals. If you cannot do that, maybe you could work toward getting people in your area to donate money for a clinic to offer free spaying and neutering for animals so that there will be fewer born. That way, there is more chance that all who need a home will find it.