is being a mother considered the best essence of a woman?

mother - the unconditional love the mother can give to her children..
@daryljane (3439)
March 22, 2007 10:15pm CST
ive always been thinking can we consider being a mother a best essence of a woman?
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• Philippines
23 Mar 07
yup it is the best of all. because this essence has a big responsibility which is to give a child who is are said to be the FUTURE of every nation... to raise a child and to give greater life.
@sherinek (3323)
• United States
23 Mar 07
Elders in my country say a woman has three important roles in her life. That is as a daughter, a wife and a mother. From all three, the mother role is the best in my opinion. Being a mother is not only giving birth to a child. It has a lot of meaning and lot of hard work to do. The quality of a mother always reflect on her kids and thats why they say, mother and the sky is always at fault. So i think being a real mother is the essence of a woman.
@neenasatine (2842)
• Philippines
23 Mar 07
not only being a mother but also being a good wife to your husband... ;)