what would you do?

United States
March 24, 2007 2:18am CST
what would you do if someone told you they would take thier own life if you did something they didnt want you to and you did it anyway and they actually took there own life? would you blame yourself? how would you cope? ok i will give you the short version an ex of mine told me if i dated a certain person they would take thier own life, but since we were split up i decided to do it and he took his life left no note or anything and it was 2 years after they said it does it really mean it was my fault or is it just coincidental?
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@Stiletto (4584)
26 Mar 07
People are responsible for their own actions so no it wasn't your fault. You can't live your life just to please another person. Your ex obviously had things going on in his head that probably had nothing to do with you.