The Red Cross and an ambulance in the Stadtpark!

@sylvia13 (1851)
Nelson Bay, Australia
March 24, 2007 9:53am CST
Last year the Spring was late in coming. so when it finally arrived, I eagerly went to the Graz Stadtpark, camera in hand, to take pictures of the trees and bushes in bloom. I ended with a good collection, but this year it is going to be different. The city council has found that many of the old chestnut trees in he park are sick, so they will have to be cut down. They have already done some cutting and one can see the difference, as the park looks kind of bare and empty. It is possible now to see the street on the other side of the park, something one could not do before because of all the foliage. As I was coming home on the bus yesterday, I saw a group of men in the park, all dressed with red parkas, standing together with their heads down. Next to them was a red and white truck, which for a moment looked an ambulance and the men, like Red Cross personnel! For a second, the scene resembled a highway accident and my thoughts went to the "sick/injured,which turned out to be the old trees in the park, as the men were cutting them at that very moment. I usually have good wishes when I see an ambulance in action and it was the same this time. I was sorry that those branches were sick and needed to be cut of, but I have hopes that new ones will grow again soon, to make the Stadtpark look as good, or even better than it did before!
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