Alcohol more dangerous than ecstasy???

March 25, 2007 3:48am CST
Alcohol is ranked much more harmful than the Class A drug ecstasy in a controversial new classification system proposed by a team of leading scientists. The authors proposes that drugs should be classified by the amount of harm that they do, rather than the sharp A, B, and C divisions in the UK Misuse of Drugs Act. Harmful drugs are currently regulated according to classification systems that purport to relate to the harms and risks of each drug. The new ranking places alcohol and tobacco in the upper half of the league table. These socially accepted drugs were judged more harmful than cannabis, and substantially more dangerous than the Class A drugs LSD, 4-methylthioamphetamine and ecstasy. “Alcohol is not far behind demonised terrors of the street such as heroin and cocaine,” This viewpoint was come up with by measuring against the following three main factors that together determine the harm associated with any drug of potential abuse: the physical harm to the individual user caused by the drug; the tendency of the drug to induce dependence and addiction; the effect of drug use on families, communities, and society. I am unsure yet how I feel about this! I have personal experience with alcoholics and have seen the damage this can do. However is it fair on the social, sensible drinker? What do you guys think?
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@hcromer (2712)
• United States
26 Mar 07
I don't think that it's rating would have anything to do with how people perceive people who drink responsibly or smoke. I don't think that many people get addicted to ecstasy and/or LSD, I've tried both and it's not something that I want to sit around and do all the time. Ecstasy's physical harms are actually much less than they are usually played up to be, and I don't think that my use of it has really influenced my family negatively, no where near as bad as my step-father's drinking habbits. I wrote a paper on Ecstasy for my Psychology class actually if you are interested in learning more about it:
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@7nicole1 (1634)
• Canada
25 Mar 07
Well I can believe it. Look how many bad things can happen from a night out of drinking. You dont remember what you did, you get liquid courage, you do dumb things like fight or drive and the list go's on. I can really see how it would be more dangerous then X and as for cannabis god I have never actually truthfully heard about someone smoking a joint and killing someone or getting into a fight. I think if one is going to be illegal then they all should be. Alchol is just as bad in certain people thats forsure. I think the laws need some revamping.
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