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October 18, 2006 9:02am CST
Hey guyz, I bet that u will agree with me that communication not only enhance good relationships but also enable us make wonderfull good friends. I will therefore urge u jamaas to keep communicate. Stop going into self impossed exile. let's Communicate, Cool n' chears! Wilber
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• United States
4 Mar 10
Communication is key in interpersonal relationships whether it is a friendship, a partnership, a marriage or a business relationship. It is also key when you are interacting on social networking sites and other forums that allow you to discuss and express your opinions, especially the ones like myLot that pay us for what we say as long as it is a quality response and adds value to the site.
• Canada
5 Mar 10
Well said purple I couldn't agree more....
@gowsik (100)
• India
5 Mar 10
i accept your sayings and from this positive thought i could assume that you are a good person to hang out with. Lack of communication is said to be the root for all problems and this would give a person some mental stress and so the best way to express oneself is to communicate properly
@BlueAngelRS (2899)
• Canada
5 Mar 10
I agree with the other response communication is the key to any relationship that you have and the more communication you have the better the relationship it can work through problems, or troubles of any kind welcome to mylot.