Why are Mother in Laws so mean?

United States
@minerc (1373)
March 27, 2007 2:34pm CST
I have been married for a few years now and my mother in law has never taken the time to get to know me which is fine by me my husband and her really don't talk as well. He tried the first year we were togather but his ex started going over to her house and saying alot of bad things and so she automatically didnt like me. It helps none that she is a Penecostal preacher and don't believe in divorce and remarriage but our circumstances were not our faults we took the punch with our ex's and moved forward and met in the middle of the divorce. We are very happy and leave everyone alone. The ex is his mom's best friend and she went over and told her that we don't allow the children to go to church or read the bible. So she as a preacher told her congrigation that he has lost his holiness. Well it got back to us and my husband called her and told her he didnt appreciate her talking about him in that way. We don't go to church but if the kids want to go then depending on the church and circumstances they can go. We read out of the bible all the time and my husband uses the bible to reference many things to the children. Why is she so mean, all she had to do was call and talk to him not spread the lie, and then blame it on the kids. She has always been welcome over our house or to call him. Why does she do this? We don't care if she is good friends with the ex it really helps and we stay away because we don't want to cause trouble with there relationship. Personally though if my mom did the same I probally wouldnt talk with her again but it's his mom and I respect that. I just wish she would stop with the stupid stuff and worry about herself and the kids. Does anyone else have a mother in law like this? Are you a mother in law like this, if so why does it have to be this way?