stage fright

July 14, 2006 5:12am CST
i got terribly stage fright i couldn't cope with it even how well i prepare i tend to forget wat i want to present my heart like pumping very hard till i could breathe during that session i hv no gesture, no confidence furthermore, my english command is not strong enough to impress others.. i could hardly smile...when i present then, i prepare well but, stilll.... very sad to say
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@squallming (1777)
• Malaysia
28 Mar 13
Don't get depressed with what had already happened. Stage fright is not really an incurable condition. You just have to be more confident with yourself and try to get used to people by being in places with a lot of people. The fact that you have stage fright is that you are lack of confidence and you are afraid of people and what they might think of you. Understand this, even when you are not on the stage, people will still be judging you every now and then, so there is not much of a difference to be on stage.
@Manasha (2299)
• Pondicherry, India
26 Sep 12
Very simple.. Try to relax and be calm. Don't overestimate the audience who is sitting in front of you
• United States
25 Jul 06
You should join a local Toast Masters group. They will help you get over your fears and speak like a pro.
@QnAQueen (555)
• United States
24 Jul 06
when does this happen? are you presenting something on stage or does this happen even when you get up in front of a class?