I thought that I was courting disaster in my last two classes.

@sharone74 (4839)
United States
March 28, 2007 3:02am CST
I had some really odd things going on with me and my fiancee for the last few months. Coupled with added pressure to produce money, these things caused my attendance and submission of my assignments to become erratic and often hit and miss. By Week 7 with my final assignments just started and all kinds of relationship stress, financial pressures, and even the neccessity to find my forms and to do my taxes has been all but insurmountable obstacles to my educational pursuits. I swear if I didn't go to school from home I wouldn't be able to manage going to school and anything else! Anyway, I crunched on the finals (which I had posted about needing to get started on about three weeks ago)and I managed to pull the "C" I was getting in COM 215 up to a B- and I had a wire to wire "A" in my Cultural Diversity class even though when I factored all of the assignments out I had turned in almost 30% of my homeworsignments anywhere from 5 minutes to three days late at a loss of 10% of the grade per day that it is late! I don't know how in the heck I managed that! But as the dust settles and the smoke clears I only dropped .06 off of my 3.5 GPA it is now 3.44 much to my shock and pleasure. In fact I had to go and review the entire quarter over the weekend and I am still head scratching on how I managed it. But onward and forward to Basic Math andGeometry and Geology two really tough courses to take online! So we shall see what there is to see here! I am in week 2 and already I have turned in two homework assignments late one 5 minutes after midnight and one two days. But it was a hell of a huge assignment and caught me by surprise!
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@braided (698)
• Canada
28 Mar 07
Thanks for saying all of that because ... I was your age when I went back to school ... but I was divorced and raising 3 boys alone with no money when I went ... and after listening to you I realized what and obstacle I had over come and achieved ... I never realized that this was a feat in grand proportions til now ... I went to classes at a university ... and my average at the completion of it was 80% .... So thanks again for what you said ... cause It may have been easier to go to university on line but i did it the conventional way and now i can give my self a pat on the back .... smilin