i love being alone... is that alright?

@ronreyes (4731)
March 28, 2007 5:27am CST
I'm always been the loner-type since elementary. I admit that I'm alone most of the time, though I had a few company sometimes but I don't really hang-out with them, and I don't treat them as friends. I believe that friends or bestfriends here on Earth aren't real! They just take you for granted and they will be nice to you only if they need something, but after that, you'll just find yourself left in nowhere. It might sound weird but being alone is what makes me happy. I feel uncomfortable whem I'm surrounded by many individuals who makes such loud noises and faking their smiles when you're facing them. Honestly, I get sick of it! But sometimes I also get confused. Why? Because I know that no man is an island and you can't survive without friends. I may need someone's help in the future when I'm really down. That's what my mom had told me and rest assured that I'll always keep that in mind. Well, there's one time that I've tried to be friendly, and suprisingly, it worked! I have befriended several individuals which I must say they're really fun to be with. Unfortunately, I always felt that I'm not really happy when I'm with them. That's how I've realized that loneliness is one of the things that is meant for me and I think I must stick with it all my life coz that's when/where I do my best in all the things that I love to do. For now, the only friend and bestfriend I have is God. He's the only one I know that will remain true and loyal to me all throughout the way. Besides, God made us all unique! Maybe I'm just one of the "happy-loners" He had created for this world - and I won't complain about that! What's important now is that I'm in to the place where I think I'm supposed to be and where I became happy. Well, I guess I've already answered my question Wow! I didn't expected this ending! LOL How about you? I still want to ask... "I Love Being Alone... Is That Alright?" if your answer is YES, then Welcome To My World!