Better Finances

@chavezrmc (5777)
March 28, 2007 7:47am CST
What are your steps to better finances? Would you mind sharing it with everyone in here and we can get additional knowledge to be used by everyone.
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@melody1011 (1664)
• India
28 Mar 07
I believe in saving whatever you can spare. Even if it seems like a really small amount. It all adds up in the future. Also smaller investments like SIPs dont really make you feel the pinch but at the end it does add up. So start with putting aside a little money each week or month as soon as you get your paycheck and dont touch it unless someone is dying and you dont have any other choices left. its also called paying yourself first. I also look for bargains as I can get a lot of neat stuff that way. And freebies. If they are giving it away free, someone has to take it and why not me.:D
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
28 Mar 07
I write my bills down on paper every month. I also figure up what we have coming in every month and what we have going out. I pay the bills that are due each week out of all of the money we have at the time. Whateveris left over, is recalculated for the rest of month. I keep doing that each week until all of the bills are paid in full. Some months has an extra week in it. Instead of 4 weeks, some have 5 weeks. I take that 5th paycheck and I pay a bill off or buy the extra things we have to have with it. Every extra paycheck either gets spent for things we need, pay a bill off, or it is put into a savings account.
@deemster (50)
• Philippines
28 Mar 07
May these pointers help you: 1. Save money. 2. In every situation look for opportunity to earn. 3. Believe that you deserve wealth. 4. Dont hesitate to help others. 5. Pray always. TaKE time to talk to God. 6. No debt/ Do not borrow money. 7. Take risk to invest. 8. Read books. 9. Try to mingle with businessmen.Learn from them