quad core, is it worth the money?

March 28, 2007 4:55pm CST
with that so much power for a processor, what can you possibly achieve when you have it? dont have enough reasons to buy it , for now. i can still manage to play what i want using my current pc.
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@andben (1076)
• Italy
29 Mar 07
Quad core processor is an excellent new entry, it has a lot of power and a lot of cache. I think quad core processors are very expensive now, so it' s better to wait at least some months before buying one. Since increasing frequency is more and more difficult and expensive, because of physical limits, it's more convenient to create a multi-core processor. Now there is a good quantity of software that uses a multi-core architecture, but for a normal use, I mean domestic use, quad core is too much. According to me, it's convenient to buy a dual core cpu: it's quite fast and not much expensive.
@flikkenni (537)
• Indonesia
29 Mar 07
Quad core processor is a great and excellent processor and it was a great technology. But it really expensive so many people can't buy it. I think the technology that you get with the price you must cost is really worth. You know it was hard to get some technology like that and thats why its really expensive.
@im2good4u (567)
• Philippines
29 Mar 07
as of now having a quadcore proc will really give you a little advantage as most applications aren't even optimised for dual core CPUs. i hope that it changes sooner as dual cores are the standard today. BTW im still using an old A64 +3000 single core but still gets the job done, i just overclocked it to compensate for the lack of 2nd core
@Asylum (48224)
• Manchester, England
29 Mar 07
A quad core processor is an excellent piece of technology, although it is not of great use at the moment. Despite it's potential you will not find any great benefits with quad core unless you are running a multithreaded application which can take advantage of the processor's capablilities. Since there are very few software vendors that have started to cater for this technology it is rather redundant for the moment. When you consider the high prices demanded, it would be pointless buying anything like that until programs have been written to a compatable level.