how much are my yugioh cards worth

United States
July 14, 2006 2:18pm CST
the cards i have are torrential tribute super rare and holo,sasuke samurai#4 super rare and everything holo,diffusion wave motion super rare and holo[limited ed],dark magician super rare and holo,orginale dark magician,mystic swordsman lv4 super rare and holo,kazejin,dark magician holo[3],valkrion the magna warrior
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17 Jul 09
Your valkyrion is probably the one worth the most simply because it's so difficult to get. I haven't played the game in a long time, so I don't know what other new cards are out there, but if you have Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, you might get something nice out of it. Just remember, try to put your cards in different arrangements so people will want to buy them. For example, I have a dark paladin, and I can add dark magician, buster blader, and polymerization, it will be worth more than the dark paladin itself, which is already worth a lot. Oh yeah, the original dark magician should be worth a lot too, and even more if it's first edition.
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12 Dec 08
I would say 7$ up if you sell on ebay. Sell them togeather and youd probably get a pretty fast sell. I recently sold 500 Holo's and made over 500$ USD. My 2 cents.
• Australia
31 Aug 06
what would you sell them for? if you press on something for long enough you will get what you want... i'm lookin for some cards to build a beck so tell me the price you want for each card and the deck as a full.
@QnAQueen (555)
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14 Jul 06
usually hobby shops who specialize in trading cards can appraise what you have. sometimes they have lists of current going rates for certain cards, especially the rare ones.