2 Health Tips 30/3/07

@kathy77 (7488)
March 29, 2007 12:32pm CST
1. If You Are Using A Fresh, Ripe Avocado In A Recipe, After you are finished peeling the avocado, rub the flesh side of the skin on your hands. The natural oils and vitamins in the layer of avocado right under the skin are especially good for your hands. Rub it in good. Then, lightly rinse off the bit of residue that may remain. Try to go a While without using soap on your hands to allow this natural "lotion" to Sink deep into your skin layers. They will be beautifully soft and will Cost you nothing but the time it took to apply the natural skin conditioner! 2. Alternative Health - A Natural Insect-Bite Ointment With the weather warming and summer upon us, insects are beginning to become a hindrance. Irritating compounds in insect venom cause itching, burning, and swelling. Instead of running to the drug store, try applying the following homeopathic, soothing lotion to relieve the stinging and itching of bug bites. Pour four ounces of distilled witch hazel in a bottle, and add eight drops of peppermint essential oil. (More can irritate your skin.) Shake well and apply with a cotton ball as needed. Not only will the potion help prevent itching, it will also help prevent infection.
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@byfaithonly (10716)
• United States
30 Mar 07
Hey sounds like a good reason for me to go buy some avocados - I love them but seldom get them because they tend to be expensive but if I can get dual use out of them I may justify spending the money. I had never heard of this but it makes since.
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@JuliaPan (564)
• Canada
29 Mar 07
Thank you very much, Kathy, for the tips! I've heard that avocado is a very healthy product, but haven't heard about its usefulness for our skin! I was advised by the way to start feeding my 7 months old son with avocado. The nurses told me it's very good for the little.
@weemam (13377)
29 Mar 07
Thanks pal another one to add to my disc , getting bigger by the day lol xx
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@abbey19 (3129)
• Gold Coast, Australia
30 Mar 07
What a fantastic tip about using the inside of an avocado skin on your hands as a lotion - I'm all into natural stuff, and you can't get more natural than that! I'll try it next time I use an avocado, thanks Kathy. I will also make up the lotion for insect bites, as the mozzies love me, I can't escape them and the bites look awful afterwards if you scratch them. Thanks again.