sometimes I fancy myself as a witch....

@maxen7 (54)
March 30, 2007 7:30am CST
I was fourteen when I've come across the Wiccan literature on the internet and started downloading features and articles from the encyclopedia of terms to spells and enchantments and lists of different gods and goddesses and entities familiar in Pagan worship. I think it's fun to imagine being someone powerful who can conjure magic. My self-esteem rose in believing I could be anything...
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@Galena (9123)
30 Mar 07
you'd probably be disappointed. it's hard work and it doesn't make you a powerful conjuror. but it is spiritually empowering.
• Australia
30 Mar 07
Wicca isn't about spells and magicks and enchantments. It's about personal empowerment and being one with nature. I'm Wiccan myself, always have been in certain ways, even though I was raised an Anglican by my parents. There are many differences between witches and wiccans. Wiccans are spirtual beings, who believe that everything in life is natural, and brilliant that way. Everything is connected, as it always has been, and always will be. Spells and enchantments aren't used for ones own personal gain, but as a guide, much as a prayer is for a Christian. Witches are more into using spells and enchantments as a means to do something. Helping someone. Healing someone. Things like that. if you have any questions or want to talk more about Wicca or Witchcraft, drop us a message. I'd be happy to talk with you about it :)